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Personalia November 2015


1 Robbie Blaine is one of the three finalists for this year’s Voermol Sheep farmer of the year award!

Robbie Blaine farms near Amebele, Stutterheim, on 1970 ha natural grazing and 30 ha Rye grass-oats grazing under irrigation. The long term average rainfall for that area is 800 mm per annum. Irrigated pasture is used strategically at lambing and to finish off lambs for marketing. Burning of natural grazing forms an integral part of veld management to optimize utilization and the excellent condition of Robbie’s animals is a reflection of the condition of the veld.
Wauldby 50 Robbie

Robbie Blaine’s Wauldby Dohne Merino Stud is internationally known for the selection practiced against resistant wire worm infestation. The latest genetic trend in this regard indicate success in breeding resistant animals to ensure sustainable sheep farming under these extreme stress conditions.

The Dohne Merino Breed society salutes one of its stalwarts on this very special achievement!

2 The van Rooyen Family, Mullersvlei Dohnes, Calvinia, welcomed Andrè Stephanus van Rooyen as the newest addition to the family. Marcellene and Andries visited their first grandson soon after his birth and sent this photo of “father and son catching an afternoon nap”

The Dohne Merino community congratulates “Granny Marcellene” and her family on their newly acquired status!


3 Japie Marais, Lowmar Dohnes, Cradock, needs our support for his wife who is receiving treatment for cancer in Pretoria. We express our deepest concern with the Marais family and pray for recovery of Japie’s spouse in the prime of her life.

Congratulation and concern at the same time

4 “Birth of a Breed – The Dohne Merino Story” Written by Cameron McMaster our former Manager of the Breed Society, is available from the Breed Society’s Office. Cameron produced a “real work of art” and the Breed Society is very proud to be able to start distributing it. We also ask for the entire Dohne Merino community’s support for Cameron’s fight against cancer. We sincerely wish that Cameron’s visit to Australia next year to receive his Honorary life membership from the Australian Dohne Merino Society and also to be guest speaker at the Global Dohne Merino Conference will be a tremendous success!