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PP Mong Trust – Production sale – 2021

Bertus Mong held PP Mong Trust’s 27th production sale on the 1st of June, 2021 at the farm Florina  in the district of Villiersdorp.  A total of 42 Dohne Merino rams were sold at the average price of R12,487.  Mr Josias le Roux (Langhoogte farms, Caledon) bought the highest priced ram at R26,000 as well as two other excellent Dohne Merino rams at R22,000 each. The highest priced ram had breeding values of: Number of lambs weaned +2.537 percent;Weaning direct +1.777 kg; Weaning maternal -0.398 kg; Clean fleece weight +0.353 Kg; Fibre diameter +0.392 micron.