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One of the oldest active Dohne Merino studs held its 60th production sale on 23 February 2018.  On this sale 50 top Dohne Merino rams of Mr. AJ Robb and guest sellers Mr. Boet Steenkamp and Morne de Bruin were on Offer.   Mr. Allan (AJ) Robb sold 21 rams at an average price of R7202;  Mr. Boet Steenkamp sold 16 rams at an average price of R7000  and the newest addittion to the Dohne Merino stud community, Mr. Morne de Bruin sold 5 rams at an average price of  R5850.   Mr Boet Steenkamp sold the highest priced ram at R17000 and Mr. Allan Robb sold two rams at a price of R13000.  Mr Morne de bruin also sold a top ram at R 9750.  Mr. John Gary Wardle offered high quality ewes from his group breeding scheme for sale.   Some ewes on the sale attained prices as high as R2650

Photo L/R Andy Botha (CMW, Stutterheim), Des Flanagan (Buyer, Stutterheim), Ross Flanagan (Buyer, Stutterheim, Celia Steenkamp and Boet Steenkamp (sellers, Barkley East) with Ian Sheard (auctioneer, At the back)

Photo L/R : Mr bernard de Bruin, Morne de Bruin, Celia Steenkamp, Boet Steenkamp Allan J Robb and John Gary Wardle (Sellers) together with the ram sold at the highest price of R17000

Mr Cameron McMaster (Left) addressing attendees at the Robdorino sale on the occasion of the 60th year of existence of the robdorino stud.

The Roddorino stud was founded sixty years back in 1958 by AJ (Allan) Robb’s father Mr. Michael Robb and can therefore be classified as one of the oldest Dohne Merino studs in South Africa.  Mr. Cameron McMaster reflected on the early development of the breed and the massive impact these old Pioneer breeders had on todays progressive and most modern Dohne Merino Industry in South Africa.