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Sales 2017 – Potberg Production Sale

The 2017 Dohne Merino Autumn sales season kicked off with the extremely successful sale of Mr. JF (Vlooi) Du Toit’s Potberg Dohne Merino Stud, Bredasdorp. Mr. Du Toit sold 81 top rams for the average price of R9728. This average price is R578 (6%) higher than the price recorded in 2016 for the same sale. Mr. Du Toit’s rams were in demand for especially not being pampered but functional. The set of rams sold, in fact were mated to a group of 480 ewes over the period from 20 December 2016 to 9 January 2017 (only 10 days before the sale!). The highest price for an individual ram of R20,000 was paid by Mr. Jaco Uys of Heidelberg.

Photo L/R : Mr. JF (Vlooi) Du Toit (Seller, Potberg Dohnes), Mr. Jaco Uys (Buyer, Heidelberg, W Cape), Mr. Stephan van der Westhuizen (CMW, Bredasdorp), Mr. Pierre Olckers (BKB, Riversdal) and Mr. Michiel Dowry (Holding the ram, Potberg Dohnes).