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Suidplaas Dohnes – First production sale for 2022

Suidplaas Dohnes started to celebrate their 50th year of existence by staging their first production sale on 26 January 2022.  Although, Suidplaas Dohne’, one of the older South African studs, will stage their main celebration at their second production sale during August 2022, their first production sale for 2022 on 26 January, already resulted in a total of 118 excellent rams sold for the average price of R17475.  Two top rams, JG201555 and JG202637 were sold at the highest price of R70 000 each.   Congratulations to Mr Dries Pienaar, White Wools Dohnes, Mr. Gielie Lambrechts and Izak Smit, Piket Dohnes,  Who bought twin born JG201555 with breeding values of: weaning direct 2.30 kg; weaning maternal 0.21 kg; number lambs weaned 5.00 percent;  clean fleece weight 0.177 kg; fibre diameter -0.549 micron.

The total of 354 ewes were sold at the average price of R3 556.


The second ram priced at R 70 000  (JG202637) was sold to the Kitshoff family from Moorreesburg.  This ram, one of a triplet boasted breeding values of: weaning direct 1.80 kg; weaning maternal -0.19 kg; number lambs weaned 2.74 percent; clean fleece weight 0.302 kg; fibre diameter -1.862 micron.

Photo L/R: Marnus Kitshoff and Jannie Kitshoff (buyers, Moorreesburg), Wynand du Toit (seller, Suidplaas Dohnes), Frans Hugo (Livestock manager, OVK) and Marshell (Manners) Afrika (Suidplaas Dohnes, ram manager, holding the first ram sold for R70 000).

Suidplaas also combined  forces with Vlakkloof Dohnes, in order to not only introduce variation at a genetic level but also to broaden their client basis.  With this first offering  of vlakkloof rams  on the Suidplaas sale, an excellent VK ram (VK201262) was sold for R65 000 to also Mr. Jannie Kitshoff and family.  The ram, one of a twin, had breeding values of: weaning direct 2.99 kg; weaning maternal 0.194 kg; number lambs weaned 2.93 percent; clean fleece weight 0.422 kg; fibre diameter -0.954 micron.

Photo L/R: Marnus Kitshoff and Jannie Kitshoff (buyers, HL Kitshoff and sons), Frans Hugo (livestock manager, OVK), Daniel Giliomee (Vlakkloof Dohnes), Marshell (Manners) Afrika (Suidplaas Dohnes ram manager, holding the ram)and Niel Giliomee (Vlakkloof Dohnes)